Before You Float

We’re so glad you have discovered the wonderful world of flotation therapy. Above all, we are here to help you enjoy your float experience. There are just a few basic things you should know before planning your first visit:

What to bring

We provide everything you will need for your float experience, which puts less stress on you. We have full mens and womens restroom and shower facilities for use before and after floating. We provide towels, robes, soap and shampoo, hairdryers, deoderant, earplugs, and just about anything else you might need during your visit. Most of our clients prefer to experience floating in the nude to minimize distractions, but you may bring a bathing suit if you prefer.


Please arrive at your scheduled time. Our time slots include extra time before and after the float to get oriented and shower. You do not need to shower before coming to Think Tank. We will ask you to shower again before your float. Since our space and schedule are limited, we cannot accommodate guests more then a few minutes early, and any late arrival may have their appointment cut short.

The Float

After showering, you will put on a bathrobe and enter our tank room. It’s not important to dry off completely since you’re about to get into the tank. Focus on drying your face and hairline: this will help you avoid an itchy face while in the tank. There is a small dressing area at the front of the tank where you will apply earplugs and disrobe. Press play on the iPod and enter the tank. Soft music will play for about 90 seconds and then fade to silence. After about an hour of silence, the music will fade back up to let you know your float is almost over. Please try to squeegee as much salt water off of your body and back into the tank as possible.

Float Tips

1) Relax! It seems pretty simple, but you’ll soon realize you’ve seldom if ever been fully relaxed. Your first instinct may be to lift your head out of the water, but this is not necessary. You cannot sink, and in fact many of our clients routinely fall asleep in the tank.

2) Stretch out and experiment with placement of your arms. Different positions can make for very different floating experiences. You will also find that you are able to do unique stretches in the tank that would not be possible in other environments.

3) Avoid the sting. The water in our tank is about as salty as it gets, and that can make for a very uncomfortable situation if you get it in your eyes or an open cut. It’s best not to touch your face while in the tank, but just in case you do get any salt in your eyes we always leave a small hand towel just outside the tank door. We also provide petrolatum packets for protecting any sensitive areas, but best practice is to avoid floating if you have any open wounds or freshly-shaven areas. The water won’t hurt you, and is in fact very sanitary. We just want you to have the best possible experience at Think Tank Flotation!


Want to float with music? Need lights on during your float? Prefer a neck pillow? We can accommodate a wide variety of requests at Think Tank Flotation, but we strongly recommend experiencing your first float as described above. You can always branch out later on, just ask us.