Float Spa Serving Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

We are proud to offer our float relaxation and stress relief location; serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We offer you full customization of your float experience every time you join us. Listen to music, sip on some tea, or practice yoga; before, during, or after your float. If you're looking to find out more about float therapy, explore our answers to your questions.

Also click here for an in depth walkthrough to your first float experience.

Right next to downtown Cincinnati Think Tank is conviniently located in Newport, Ketucky to serve the entire Cincinnati and NKY region

Relaxation with style

You're welcome to lounge in style while you await notification that your flotation experience is ready. Whatever you can imagine, we can assist with for your relaxation experience before you float. We have a variety of fitness and stress relief items to get you prepared for the flotation experience you've been looking for. Waiting to be stress free has never been more comfortable and relaxing!

We also now offer free yoga, tea ceremonies, and other events for your relaxation and mindfulness needs. Life is always getting faster, so we want you to have access to events that will help you slow down and enjoy more of life in your body!

For more reflections and ideas on what your experience can be, feel free to email us or find out more at the blog.

With two unqiue float pods, you can customize your floating experience however you'd like!

Two custom float rooms

We've created two custom rooms; that you can configure anyway you'd like for your float. Emerge into a custom lit room, play some music, and enjoy the most amazing shower after your float.

Spacious and accomodating, your stress relief starts here at Think Tank Flotation

Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Float Location

Only a mile and a half away we are conveniently located; near downtown Cincinnati. Our new storefront is on 521 Monmouth Street in Newport, Kentucky. Think Tank is easily reachable by 71/75 or any of the other major interstate connectors. We are proud to be the destination location for float relaxation therapy in the area. Still not sure? Find out more about how to prepare yourself for a truly unique flotation experience.