COVID19 Float Health Statement from Think Tank

Hello friends and guests, Here is more information on COVID19 and what we are implementing at our center during this time. This information is from a microbiologist in the recreational water industry. Dr. Roy Vores has presented at several Float industry conferences in the past. While you already know we are incredibly diligent at cleaning […]

Float Spa Group Experience

Business brainstorm session, employee stay-cation, or group retreat we offer a fully customizable experience with our group Float Spa experience package. Build your team, get through that tough project, or just relax with our flotation spa offerings. What is a Float Spa experience like? Flotation is good for stimulating creativity, recuperation, and stress relief for […]

Meditation floating and breathing

We love the practice of mindfulness here at Think Tank Flotation: from Tea Ceremonies, to hand grinding coffee, to extra long belly breathing sessions (aka a 60 minute float). Things just tend to be more enjoyable when you don’t rush them. Unfortunately in 2019 we’re out here trying to do everything as fast as possible, […]

Sensory Deprivation or Flotation?

Our own Joe Daniels explains why he’s not a fan of the term sensory deprivation, “It sounds so negative.” We prefer using the term Flotation, over Sensory Deprivation. Popularized by Joe Rogan and new Netflix shows featuring strange monsters. It’s no surprise that negative connotations usually come along with this terminology. We feel it’s important […]

Recovery, stress relief & recuperation

Before the upcoming Flying Pig Marathon, Joe from Swing This Kettlebells joins Think Tank Flotation to explain how floating can assist runners with their marathon and half-marathon recovery programs. Recuperation programs are an essential part of all competitive sports and flotation can be a vital part of achieving your goals. Any sport’s impacts lead to […]