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How floating can aid competition recuperation

Before the upcoming Flying Pig Marathon, Joe from Swing This Kettlebells joins Think Tank Flotation to explain how floating can assist runners with their marathon and half-marathon recovery programs. Recuperation programs are an essential part of all competitive sports and flotation can be a vital part of achieving your goals.

Any sport's impacts lead to a great deal of vertical stress to your body, even a runner. Muscle relief can be had by reducing your vertical load for a short time. That is why floating is one of the best ways to get your body horizontal and relaxed. Removing the vertical stack of your body mass can trigger the decompression you need for true muscle recuperation. Sensory deprivation tanks also can also increase your focus before your big competitive event. It will allow you to help visualize your goals, reducing your anxiety and increasing your overall focus.

Flotation is also one of the best options for adding to your current training regimen if you are looking for additional relief for stressed muscles and a nervous mind before competition.

Watch the video above on why your body may secretly crave floating!

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