Give the Gift of Relaxation

Flotation therapy is a great gift for anyone who needs a little extra relief from the mental and physical stresses of our modern world. It’s like a giant epsom salt bath in your own private room, isolated from external sound and light. Our clients range from pro athletes and artists to the elderly and disabled, […]

Refer Friends – Float for Free

The word is out, flotation rocks! And why would you want to keep such a good thing a secret anyway? Refer 3 friends, family members, or enemies (hey, they probably need it the most) and earn a free float. The credits never expire, and there’s no limit to how many free floats you can earn. […]

Savasana and the Float Tank

My only goal was to write an article about how flotation is similar to Savasana. Being present is a struggle in 2018, but that’s OK. Being mindful and present has been a goal of spiritual and meditation practices for centuries! If it was difficult to meditate during a far more simple time, adding the technological […]