Refer Friends – Float for Free

The word is out, flotation rocks!

And why would you want to keep such a good thing a secret anyway? Refer 3 friends, family members, or enemies (hey, they probably need it the most) and earn a free float. The credits never expire, and there’s no limit to how many free floats you can earn.

Want to know how? It’s easy!

Just sign into your FloatHelm account here and click on ‘Refer Friends for Free Floats’, then click ‘Enroll’. You’ll be given a unique discount code that can be used by new guests for $25 off their first visit. For every 3 times your discount code gets used, you automatically get a free float added to your account. Pretty neat! To get the most out of our referral program, ask us about customizing your code to make it more memorable. Get started now!

Flotation has far reaching benefits for a wide variety of people. Guests who find themselves at our Newport, KY doorstep include competitive athletes, artists, service industry workers, patients with chronic pain, and regular folks with the normal stresses of living in our modern world. Explore the links below to learn about some of the exciting new research around float tanks and sensory deprivation therapy, and check back with us from time to time for special sales and events.

Flotation Research Featured in Time Magazine

First Float Study in Patients with Anxiety and Depression

Antidepressant Effect of Flotation Therapy

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